Like the wayfarer, who travels on foot to reach distant places, let's move together for a journey on foot on paths, sheep tracks and ancient ways of Southern Italy.

We are a group of hiking guides.

With daily hikes and multi-day treks, we walk slowly in the territory.

Let's immerse ourselves in the landscape!


Discovering places of natural and cultural interest, also through the novelty of the southern routes.

Southern Italy corresponds with good approximation to the regions historically included in the Kingdom of Sicily and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia and Sicily).

On the way from the Abruzzo mountains, home of the Marsican bears, towards the south along the Adriatic Sea along the ancient sheep tracks of transhumance crossing Molise to the expanses of wheat of the Tavoliere delle Puglie and the rocky pastures of the karst plateau of the Murge. We will reach the highest peaks of the Lucan Apennines on the trail of the wolf and through narrow gorges of streams we will descend into the great valleys of Campania, we will continue towards the greenhouses of the narrow Calabria from where we can simultaneously admire the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea, finally in the fascinating land of active volcanoes, Sicily.

Here lived the most ancient Indo-European nuclei of the Sicilians, the Samnites, the Lucanians, the Bruzi, the Japigi. Southern Italy was colonized by the Greeks, and then conquered by the Romans, who gave great impetus to urban units, building roads, cities, temples, palaces, aqueducts and other infrastructures. In the Middle Ages it was a crossroads of peoples, Lombards and Byzantines, Normans and Swabians built castles and places of worship still standing today, and unified the south into a single state, which subsequently lived in Spanish and then French dominion in a lively economy. , open to industrial initiatives at national, European and world level with promising industries up to the unification of Italy and to the present day.

Articles about our New Year's tru-hike
Articles about our New Year's tru-hike

After all, just turn the corner to discover new concepts, and be struck by the novelty that follows ..

Just turn the corner to discover that "the beautiful and the good" are everywhere, sometimes you just need to look at the known with different eyes, without having to go too far.

The desire to know and show particular places in the South, to visit, admire or report.