Vulture Tour

Have a day dedicated to nature and landscapes of the colorful Basilicata,

a trip with us to reach and explore the San Fele Waterfalls.

You can relax with the sound of flowing water and why not!?  Dive in the waterfalls! ;)

Then a moment dedicated to the taste of the flavors of the region, accompanied by wine that here reigns: Aglianico.

To digest lunch, you will cross volcanic Monticchio lakes  with a pedalò.

Located on Mount Vulture, the lakes occupy the craters of the old volcano. Both lakes have the highest temperature of the lakes in Italy.

In this place the Swabian emperor Frederick II spent his leisure time, for example by practicing falconry.


35€ (The fee includes fuel for the journey and translator)

San Fele Waterfalls

Monticchio Lakes

Nota: I campi con l'asterisco sono richiesti